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The first five books of the Bible

A SEAN specialised foundation course

Practical and up to date A real grasp of the Pentateuch is vital to full comprehension of our Christian faith. To this end, this SEAN course seeks to lay out in easy steps the main flow of ideas contained in the five books of the Pentateuch, emphasising the continual unfolding of God's plan for the coming Messiah from the very first pages of the Bible - and the relevancy of its message to our own life and age.

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A SEAN foundation course for discipleship and pastoral/leadership training

Practical and up to date This series of three self-instructional books, each with their Group Leader's manual, covers Paul's Missionary journeys and shows how the life of Paul and the legacy of his letters can give powerful direction to the students own life and ministry.

Simple to do Step by step learning methods make sure each point is grasped before moving on to the next.

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Life of Christ

SEAN courses have been developed upon the recognition that the purposes of God go beyond evangelism, to the building up of a mature people in Christ. The Compendium of Pastoral Theology provides for this need: based on Biblical teaching throughout, it is a very useful tool that comprehensively equips all God's people for His service.

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A SEAN advanced foundation course

The book of Jeremiah is a complex one, and the often confusing structure sometimes deters people from studying it in depth. This means that the very rich contents - of hope overcoming despair and the promise of the Messiah who will save his people when they turn back to him - are not always discovered and applied. However, SEAN has now developed this new course to make it accessible and exciting for those who want to go deeper into the life, times, ministry and messages of one of the great Old Testament prophets.

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