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Ground Breaking News



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Since purchasing the land near Ndejje Village we have been working towards this day with a Christian Organisation called All Rock.  They have assisted us with the ground works, government legal requirements and architects drawings.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony is a time of prayer and thanksgiving and dedication to the SEAN Ndejje Resource Centre project.

This will be with the intention of starting the building projects with the Lord’s blessings and a public testimony of how far He has led the SEAN ministry.  The Trustees planted an Ebenezer memorial, 4 trees on the four corners of the land.  A symbolic spade was then dug into the ground to symbolize the official commencement of the building project.

The All rock team, Rev Paul, Daniel and Rebecca, Daniels father, and some people from the village were part of the ceremony together with Rob and James.
The planned project is a very big vision but we will start with a house on the land so that we can get Daniel and Rebecca out of their rented accommodation in Kampala and living on the land. This will also be the new SEAN office and store.  This will then relieve us from paying rent on the existing office and accommodation.

The house and office is 2200 cubic metres in size and will cost £15,000 to build.  This works out to £7.00 per cubic metre.

(this is not the house but is a representation, £375 per sq, of how much we have raised so far)

The house here shows how many cubic metres we have had donated which amounts to £2,900, 414 cubic metres.  We have £12,100 to find.

If you would like to partner with us and purchase a cubic metre or two or more to help build the house please go to BT My Donate.

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The Village of Ndejje does not have many facilities.  The great need is for a medical centre and community resource centre to bring support to many different needs including mums and babies, small children, the disabled, health education and employment.  
This will be our next challenge after the house build to build these units to serve the village.