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Do You See This Woman?

Anyone who has valued using SEAN material knows how difficult it can be to talk about it to others - without having an hour or so to spare! 'Wouldn't it be good,' thought four users, 'to have a mini-TEE leaflet that would do the job for us?' Well, it's here...

A taste of what?

Look back at Bible studies you have been to, or led. Have you noticed how much time is spent talking ‘around’ the passage, or its context? Don’t you often follow too many ‘red herrings’? Does everybody grasp the teaching behind the study? And isn’t it a shame that you so quickly run out of time before reaching the real meat!

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How Can I Get to Know God

Evangelistic leaflets

This small 6-page leaflet takes the enquirer through the basic steps necessary to make a decision to follow Christ.


Training a Vision for Life

The heart cry of pastors and leaders is “how do we envision our people and mobilise them into relationship with Jesus and effective action within our communities.

The Sunday sermon is having little ongoing impact and is easily forgotten, housegroups are drying up and the psalms have been read, dissected and put back together again for the third time this year! Church has become a place where we meet rather than who we are.

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