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Bible Encounter

How can my church grow?

How can we train house-group leaders?

How can I use my home more effectively?

How can we grow as Christians?

How can I write my own study materials?

How can I run a support group for needy people?

How can we reach out to the community? etc.

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Community Health

Training Children in Community Health

NOTE: Although there is no direct spiritual/biblical content in this course (unlike all other SEAN materials), indirectly the parallels are obvious with the biblical concern for the sick and needy and, above all, with the matchless example of the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ as he tirelessly sought to alleviate their suffering. This example should be used where appropriate, and of course the trainer needs to pray for God's guidance as s/he prepares and leads each training session.

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How to Prepare and Lead Services

An intermediate, theoretical and practical course for members of local churches

This material provides an effective and enjoyable training course which shows how to plan, prepare and lead lively, ordered and Biblical congregational worship.

It develops the leadership potential in church members, and provides them with the spiritual tools for making worship meaningful and relevant for all those taking part. The course is based wholly on the Bible.

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A SEAN practical and devotional course based on Ephesians

This study of Ephesians looks deeply into what Paul has to say about how spiritual insight from God's point of view can make down-to-earth changes in our outward lives, too.

A devotional course, this provides ideal material for refreshing the faith of all Christians. Above all, this course underlines the main thrust of Paul's teaching: 'the importance of a deepening relationship with Jesus so that, filled with His Spirit, we may, both as individuals and as a church, become more and more like Him.'

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How to Preach

A SEAN special foundation courseĀ 

This course is intensely practical and is aimed at equipping mature church members and leaders for an effective teaching and preaching ministry.

How to Preach or Give Talks is designed for students who:

* are not very new Christians

* are people who can devote time to adequate study and preparation.

Although some would-be students are Christians and very faithful to the Lord, there is a great danger that they might become discouraged if they find they are not able, and perhaps never will be able, to do the practical work required.

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Feed My Lambs

A SEAN special training course for preparing those who work in children's ministry

Feed My Lambs is highly recommended as a realistic tool for preparation for children's ministry. It is useful for those leading and/or teaching in Children's Church, Sunday School, Vacation Bible Schools and any other ongoing situation seeking to bring children to the Lord and subsequently to disciple them.

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Mercy Mission

A SEAN special training course for local churches

This short course has the very specific aim of focusing on the theological imperative of doing deeds of mercy as an integral part of mission, on an equal footing with the proclamation of the gospel by word of mouth.

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Spirit World

The freedom of Jesus Christ for people hurt/bound/oppressed by Satan and sin

This new SEAN publication, The Spirit World, is a specialised course for bringing the freedom of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who are under any kind of influence from past or present contacts with occult activities.

It seeks to avoid the two extremes - that of disbelieving in Satan's existence and work in the world today, or of being overly interested in powers and phenomena related to the devil and his demons.

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Hebrew - Learn as you read

Complete teach-yourself set, including audio cassette

A SEAN advanced course

Hebrew - Learn as you Read is a carefully programmed course of ten lessons in which the student learns the basic principles of the language while studying the Hebrew text of Genesis. If done intensively, this course can be completed in ten weeks! It is a totally self-instructional method of becoming familiar with the Hebrew characters, text, pronunciation and grammar for the complete beginner.

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